The Admissions Department at City of London School is at your service to provide advice and help that will enable you to understand the Admissions process.

We realise that applying to a selective London day school can have its nerve-wracking aspects and we will do all we can to smooth the way for you.

We have four entry points to the School: 10+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ (Sixth Form).

10+ is particularly suitable for those boys who have outgrown their current school and who want to join us sooner rather than later. Boys who join us at this age can benefit from being taught by specialist staff in a variety of academic subjects and they enjoy all the facilities that a Senior School can offer. We take in about 40 boys at this stage. Boys trying for 10+ will take entrance examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning in the January of their Year 5.

At 11+ we take in about 60 boys. We operate two distinct competitions at 11+: one is for full fee or Scholarship places and the other is for means-tested Sponsored Awards, which are 100% bursaries. Please only apply for the latter if you are likely to satisfy the means-test (a maximum of £45,000 joint gross income) and your acceptance of a place is dependent on receiving such an award.

Boys trying for 11+ will take entrance examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These examinations are held in the January of their Year 6.

Sponsored Award applicants take a computerised reasoning screening test in December to determine whether they can proceed to the January entrance examinations. Candidates who are unsuccessful at the screening test cannot proceed to the January entrance examinations.

Our 13+ entry is primarily for boys who are at preparatory schools. We admit about 45 boys at this point. In order to gain entry at 13+, a boy will need to have taken the ISEB Common Pre-test entrance (usually at their current school) during the Autumn term of Year 6.

We do not allow boys to be entered for both the 11+ examinations and the 13+ Pre-test, even though they are both taken by boys in their Year 6. Thus, parents have to decide if they want 11+ entry or 13+ entry two years later.

At 16+, we have a number of Full Fee Places and means-tested Sponsored Awards available for entry into our Sixth Form. A candidate will sit two entry tests (in two of the subjects he would like to study at CLS). The entry tests take place in the November of a boy being in Year 11. Successful candidates are then interviewed. The offer of a place is conditional upon GCSE results taken the following summer.

The means-test criteria for Sponsored Awards for the Sixth Form are the same as for 11+ entry.

It is important for your son to see the school to which he is applying, and we have many Open Events, details of which can be found on the relevant page of this website.