Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship

PSHE and Citizenship aim to help boys develop their awareness of themselves and their environment in a social context. The course is designed to educate boys and equip them with skills that enable them to fulfil their role in society and make informed decisions.

From OG to Fifth Form, PSHE is taught in one period a week, often by the form tutor, and lessons cover a wide variety of topics including drugs awareness, bullying, internet safety, sex and relationships, mental health, parliament and conflict and resolution. In addition boys will practise such skills as self evaluation, revision and time management. In the 6th Form, the PSHE sessions usually take the form of assemblies or short courses, and are often tailored to meet student demand. All year groups receive visits from outside speakers.

Unlike many other academic subjects, the focus in PSHE is on discussion and raising awareness rather than formal note writing, which allows opportunities for the course to be adapted to suit the needs of particular groups.

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